Nordic Marine’s unique package

Why is Nordic Marine’s package unique?

Well then, what is so unique about it? The answer is :

  • Because Our business model is based on delivering “one size fits one” solutions.
  • Because We provide unparalleled service through long-term partnership with first class operators, thanks to a network of expert and dedicated brokers.
  • Because Our clients benefit from their individual performance regardless of the results of the overall portfolio, and the overall portfolio consistently delivers a frequency of claims reflecting its quality.
  • Because We focus on the quality of the historical performance of an operator, regardless of how many, how old and what type of vessels are reviewed.

  • Our in-house expertise enables us to adapt to every risk profile in the most cost and work efficient way.

  • Our expertise in the Delay cover and our familiarity with clients’ business environment are such that we will first define with the operator the boundaries of his individual exposures, which will allow us to propose terms only for the realistic exposures they face, and at a level that reflects reasonable worst case scenarios.

  • We do not approach the business with the intention of diluting well thought individual packages with cover for perils a client is not exposed to, or unnecessarily high single incident and annual limits. It might look impressive but that at the end of the day it will not provide a better or a more cost effective cover.

When a trim hammer will do the job, why use a sledgehammer… unless you know that someone else will pay for the consequences?

We like our clients to be able to know, with certainty and at inception of the cover, what the costs of their choice entails.…

"That is what we deliver, and will continue to do so !"