Provide for the unexpected, it happens

Provide for the unexpected, it happens

  • Is your crew happy and well looked after ?

  • Are your Bunker Suppliers and mainstream insurers 1st class, reliable partners ?

Traditionally, owners felt in control by ensuring their crew and bunkers were looked after, and that the compulsory mainstream covers were in place. After all, what could possibly go wrong that would not be covered by these mainstream measures?

Today?… Plenty!

Today, navigation lanes and trading constraints are more complex and unexpected problems just seem to follow you around. Minor incidents can make a sizeable dent in your budget, and today’s inflation makes keeping crew happy and 1st class bunkers more expensive.

And of course, when something that “never happened to you” finally does, the cost of repairs or services you might need will be much higher (our followers will recognise the “Never Happens To Me Club” reference).

If an owner can pass all of those increased cost to the client, great! But what if he can’t? how do you keep control over the planned and the unexpected?

Well, Nordic Marine’s typical shipowner clients do not stop at the minimum that has to be done, but aim for the maximum they can get!

And that starts with stopping the losses as quickly as possible.

They are members of a different Club!

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